In 2012, drops purchased a trailer-mounted drilling rig and sent it to Nicaragua where, in partnership with Global Che, is used to drill water wells in underdeveloped villages. drops of grace is committed to a holistic approach to community development. This begins with water. Our dream is to bring lasting sources of clean water to communities we serve in Nicaragua.

We know that community development happens best when local people are engaged in their own development process. Before a water system is provided in community, our in-country partner, Global CHE Enterprises, has already established a relationship with the community in need. The community has agreed to and assigned a water commission and they have decided collectively where their new system will be located. This equips the communities to begin to develop the tools necessary for lasting change.

When our teams and the community members come together to drill for water, the community has already proven their commitment and ownership to the project. This helps to ensure that true transformation is sustainable and long lasting.

Once a community has ongoing access to a safe water source, people are healthier, children stay in school, and women have more time to spend caring for their families. When you donate a well or join us on a dig you become part of a family of compassionate and generous people who care about the well-being and health of a community for generations to come.

One well can provide fresh water for as many as 1,000 people in community. Each well costs: $3,000. Sponsor a well. Work together with friends and family to raise funds together for a well. Participate in drilling a well. You will discover that it is WELL worth it!

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NicarAGUA - 2018

March , December


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