Alongside Global CHE this trip was dedicated to getting clean, consistent water to a well deserving community. Betania is a very unique, special community which provides a place of worship, and an education center for both young and old. Along with grammar school for the children and youth, there is a machine shop / wood-working shop that provides a place to teach specific trades to young adults. Furniture making, welding, mechanical maintenance are just a few things that are taught here.

Their current conditions have the community rely on water from the municipal system but due to poverty and scarcity of resources they are only allocated city water connection 2, maybe 3 times a week. From there they rely on stored water from rain, or leftover from a day they had access to the city water.

Our goal is to provide them with that source of water, and truly one less thing they need worry about. This was our second trip to the community, as our first attempt at a well here turned out dry. Through lessons learned and knowledge from other trips we aimed to get this deserving group of people the water they need.