drops of grace has partnered with Global CHE Enterprises; bringing clean water to local communities.

drops of grace is committed to a holistic approach to community development. This begins with water. Our dream is to bring lasting sources of clean water to communities we serve in Nicaragua. n 2012, drops purchased a trailer-mounted drilling rig and sent it to Nicaragua where, in partnership with Global Che, is used to drill water wells in underdeveloped villages. 




NicarAGUA - SPRING 2018

March 25-31

The March 2018 trip was drops of grace's 6th trip to Nicaragua and be focused on drilling a water well for a village in Comarca Los Rincones, Nicaragua. We have previously made a trip to this location but were unable to generate water flow in our well. With the lessons learned from other trips and knowledge gained from Global CHE we attempted another well. 


NicarAGUA - WINTER 2018

December 2 - 8

The Winter 2018 trip will be drops of grace's 7th trip to Nicaragua in order to assist in the drilling of their 8th and 9th water well. In partnership with Global Che Enterprises, the team will drill and tap a well for a village in Managua, Nicaragua.